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By: celmore2016 | August 23, 2017


As a woman in the 30s, you may already be aware of how difficult it can be to stay fit. Slimming down requires a combination of exercise, healthy lifestyle and appropriate diet. Your natural metabolism starts to slow down, so every unhealthy food you consume or workout you skip can have a negative effect. But don’t discourage yourself, you can definitely slim down after 30.

Eat Foods That Have High Water Content

Once you hit 30 years of age, your body will burn around 100 calories less per day than it burned previously. If you want to slim down, incorporate foods that have a high percentage of water into your diet. These foods include leafy greens, low-fat yogurt, vegetables and broth-based soups. Because these foods have such a high w...

By: celmore2016 | May 30, 2017


Well, in my opinion it is totally worth it! Venus Factor Xtreme is a healthy weight loss program designed specifically for WOMEN by John Barban. Just in case you are wondering who is John Barban, well he is a best-selling international author of multiple diet and fitness programs. He has a Master’s Degree from the University of Guelph in Human Biology and Nutrition and went on to do further graduate studies at the University of Florida where he taught in the Department of Health and Human Performance. He also has extensive experience working in the health and sports supplement industry in R&D as well as a regulatory consultant. He has spent the past 10 years researching and developing nutrition...

By: celmore2016 | March 08, 2017

Sometimes you wonder why you are not losing weight as fast as you want? Portion control may be the answer.  Although is not something I enjoy worrying about but it is important to weight loss and maintaining your weight. Correct portion sizes have been distorted over the years. Just look at fast food restaurants with their Supersized options or restaurants that serve half pound burgers that in the past served 1/4 pound burgers. Do you know what a proper portion of meat looks like? You could be eating a healthy diet, avoiding processed foods for example, but eating too much at meal or snack time. The graph here will help you understand the proper portion of all your favorite foods, even chips. Knowing your portion sizes will come i...

By: celmore2016 | January 15, 2017

Colds and flu are not just the progeny of wet, freezing winter weather. At any time of the year, our immune systems can be compromised by chronic stress, persistent allergies, overuse of antibiotics (said to reduce cytokines—the hormone messengers of the immune system), lack of sleep, poor diet, little or no exercise, even a consistently negative attitude. That’s right: Many experts believe outlook has a significant effect on our ability to combat disease.

That said, the following foods can stoke the immune system to help strengthen it no matter:

1) Yogurt. With so many brands on the market today, including the explosion of Greek varieties higher in protein, yogurt is a go-to snack with benefits. Replete with probiotics, or live active cul...

By: celmore2016 | December 05, 2016

How are you going to handle and plan all of the eating that goes along with the holidays with family and friends? Most holidays and events are planned around food. It is such a big part of the holidays, celebrations, and family gatherings. Don't allow yourself to let go over the holidays, it is too much work when it's all done. Consider the following tips to make your holiday eating healthy and to feel good by planning and having a little self control. You can still enjoy good food within moderation and feel great that you had the will power to say "No, thank you" to that second helping.

Tip 1: Stay physically active every day.
Even if you only have 20 minutes, this will speed up your metabolism for the day. Physical activity will...

By: celmore2016 | September 07, 2016

Some health experts suggest that Glutathione could be one of the most essential molecules required to maintain good health and a robust lifestyle, preventing cancer, dementia, and heart disease. It’s also an important factor in treating various conditions, from Alzheimer’s to Autism.

A substance that is produced naturally in the liver, but can also be found in vegetables, fruits and meat, glutathione can be used to treat:

• Glaucoma
• Cataracts
• Asthma
• Hepatitis
• Liver disease
• Memory Loss

Although it’s beneficial for your body to produce its own share of glutathione, the problem is that pollution, bad dietary plans, medications, trauma, stress and aging can all have effects that serve to deplete the amount of glutathione in your system. The ...

By: celmore2016 | August 26, 2016

Have you heard of LIPO? Or want more information about the LIPO injection?

What are the benefits of LIPO (MIC+B12)?

LIPO (MIC+B12) is said to burn fat, speed up your metabolism, prevent cholesterol build up and detoxify your body.

What does that mean to you?

This means that when used in tangent with a healthy diet and daily exercise you may be able to boost your weight loss, rid your body of unhealthy toxins and increase your energy levels. MIC+B12 may also be used to help avoid weight gain when you aren’t able to eat as healthy as you would like or get the necessary exercise.


How to use LIPO (MIC+B12)?

LIPO is an intramuscular injection. This means you inject the MIC+B12 into your gluteus maximus muscle or deltoid muscle. The inject...

By: celmore2016 | August 08, 2016

Diet is 45% of the battle when it comes to losing weight and shrinking your belly. That's why you need to trick your body by eating different amounts and types of calories everyday.

Follow these simple steps to see some immediate weight loss results:

1. Mix up the amount of calories you eat everyday. Eat more food for a few days then less food for a few days. Don't try anything drastic however; try to stay between 1,000 calories above or below your daily needs.

It's important to remember to eat most of your calories in the earlier parts of your day so all that food doesn't sit in your stomach over night. Have a bigger breakfast, similar sized lunch, and a lighter dinner, and of course healthy snacks in between. You can play with the portions a...

By: celmore2016 | July 21, 2016

Some people are genetically predisposed to being thin no matter what they eat. We see them in front of us at fast food restaurants ordering super-sized orders of french fries, shakes and double cheeseburgers. Or they’re sitting behind us in the movie theater, gorging on the giant-sized popcorn with lots of butter and a mega-sized M&M’s chaser. But even if people are born with a lightning-fast metabolism, often as they age the same food rules don’t apply. Weight creeps up. Experts say only 30% of being thin is genetic anyway. Better to practice good habits around food, good health and fitness from the start.

The following tips help thin people stay thin and healthy, and may help you in your efforts to lose weight and keep it off if that...

By: celmore2016 | May 10, 2016

When you're starting to lose weight anything that'll make things easier on yourself is worth trying. It's not the so-called miracle cures that you should listen to. It's the genuine, sound advice that will put you on a healthy and balanced course for the long-term.

Here are 5 easy to follow weight loss tips to that you use at the beginning of your weight loss journey.

1. Get Some Scales

This is a very important and very easy weight loss tip. You'll need some scales to keep an eye on your weight and some scales for your kitchen to serve out the right portion sizes of food. Many of us overindulge when we don't measure our portions.

2. Get Support

It's very helpful to have support on your weight loss journey so that you can stay motivated to conti...


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